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Diabetes Health Type 2: Eating Freshly-Cooked Vegetables Works for This Type 2 Diabetic

When diagnosed as Type 2 five years ago, Susan Carroll wasn’t surprised since both of her parents also were Type 2. She listened to what the doctor told her and immediately started taking Metformin. Januvia was added.


The oral medications helped stabilize her blood sugar levels and Susan also spoke with a nutritionist who gave her guidelines about what to eat. Additionally, the nutritionist gave her some specific tips.


“Eating baked sweet potatoes is better than eating baked white potatoes,” Susan explains. “If I am reaching for a snack, having a handful of pretzels is better than eating several potato chips.”


Cooking some fresh vegetables every day is best and Susan looks forward to preparing a healthy dinner that is balanced with protein, vegetables and a small amount of carbohydrates.


“I like eating broccoli with my dinner,” Susan says, “but I vary what I eat every day so my menu is exciting. A salad includes some lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers. A snack is a bowl of fresh strawberries.”


Susan, who is 55, does sales for a shoe store in North Myrtle Beach, S.C., full-time. She notes that people come in for sneakers and for dancing shoes, too.


“The shag is the official state dance of South Carolina,” she notes. “It’s popular for people to go out dancing the shag on Saturday nights and people want dancing shoes that fit well, are made well and are comfortable. I help them out in that department.”


Living just over the border in southeastern North Carolina with her son, when Susan is not busy working she goes swimming in the pool and likes going to the beach. “Summer days on the beach, looking out at the Atlantic Ocean, are beautiful,” she notes.


Fundraising for the Order of the Amaranth is also a priority. There are local chapters in Myrtle Beach and Fayetteville, N.C. The Order of the Amaranth is a Masonic-affiliated organization for Master Masons and their Ladies which was founded in 1873.


She heard about the Order of the Amaranth’s fundraising work from her parents.


Susan often travels to other states to attend fundraisers on behalf of the Order of Amaranth. It supports the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation which gives to American Diabetes Association for research.


“My dream,” Susan adds, “is that someday a cure for diabetes will be found.”


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