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Stay Inspired with the Diabetes Health Named Best Diabetes Blog for 2017 by Healthline

Why does the WSJ call Diabetes Health the weapon against diabetes?

Former Chrysler Motors President Lee Iacocca’s quote best answers this question by saying; “ Diabetes Health magazine provides the best, most unbiased information to the diabetes community. I highly recommend it.'”

What makes Diabetes Health different from any other publication out there?

Diabetes Health magazine is a patient advocate lifestyle publication for those living with diabetes or the people who care for them. The newly diagnosed and the experienced will be delighted and impressed by the articles written by people living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Other contributors include family member that care for those with diabetes.

In fact, our Founder and Publisher, Nadia Al-Samarrie was not only born into a family with diabetes, but also married into one. Nadia’s articles are published nationally online by many news outlets. She has also been featured on ABC, CBS, NBS and Fox television on “America’s Premiere Experts”.

Nadia was propelled at a young age into “caretaker mode,” and with her knowledge of the scarcity of resources, support, and understanding for people with diabetes, co-founded Diabetes Interview–now Diabetes Health magazine.

With Nadia’s leadership Diabetes Health magazine was nominated for “Best in Health” by the Western Publishers Association in 2004 and 2013 and 2014.

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Starting with your first issue you can expect to:
  • Get inspired by our everyday heroes and celebrities living with diabetes
  • Get a new perspective on living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  • Know what’s the latest in medical devices, medication options and products
  • Stay on top of the latest research on diabetes
  • Try making one of our yummy recipes
  • Giggle reading one of our cartoons and
  • Test your knowledge on diabetes in one of our crossword puzzles

4 ways you can pay for your subscription or a gift subscription.

mailPlease complete, and mail your subscription to Po Box 1199 Woodacre CA 949473-1199. Make your checks payable to Diabetes Health magazine.

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Computer_keyboard_fingersYou can also email us at subscribe@diabeteshealth.com to assist you with your subscription.

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Diabetes Health Subscription

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