Diabetes Health Type 1: The Stress of Type 1 Often Leads to Diabulimia

Living with type 1 diabetes means that you have a different relationship with food than other people. You live your life in between the demanding rituals that happen multiple times a day; before and after a meal or any type …

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Link Found Between Type 1 Diabetes & Epilepsy

A new study suggests that people with type 1 diabetes could be three times more likely to develop epilepsy than people without diabetes. This risk was even higher for children – kids under the age of six with type …

AskNadia: Why High Altitudes Will Give You High Blood Sugars

Dear Nadia:

Why do my BG’s run high when I hike in higher altitudes?


Dear RU:

When you exercise in elevations your body is accustomed to, chances are you have a good idea of how your blood sugar will …