Diabetes Health #MeToo: Losing Your Health Insurance Because of A Lewd Work Culture?

The news has been abundant with women, girls, and men coming forth, naming superiors who took advantage of their position of power.

The dark side of romance is unwanted attention in a work environment where the heart fights for its freedom of choice.

In reading these stories, I cannot help but reflect on jobs where my supervisors advance compromised my livelihood.

As a young 22-year-old who rejected financial help from her family, I decided to work my way through college. I waitressed at a union restaurant that paid well and provided for my health insurance. My married boss- 20 years my senior started to make sexual advances at me. I rejected his overtures and found myself fired for being insubordinate. The truth was I was being fired for not responding to my bosses sexual advances. With a sudden loss of income, I no longer had health insurance.

I don’t have diabetes. My mother and brother passed away from type 2 diabetes complications at the age of 65 and 53. I took care of them at different points in their lives. My former Type 1 husband of almost 20 years has had diabetes for 44 years with no complications.

I am curious, and this is a sensitive question which you may not want to answer. But, it is significant to share the numbers held in silence.

How many of you that have diabetes have been sexually harassed #DiabetesHealthMeToo on any level? It can be verbal only, with no intention to go further. Unfortunately, I can speak on this as well.

As a stockbroker in San Francisco in the 80’s, I use to have my East Cost coach call me as follow up after a three-week intensive training program. His first question, “are you naked?” was asked before reviewing my progress in building my client base. Being young and thicked skinned, I ignored his lewd question. At the same time, I was keenly aware of my subordinate status.

Have you stayed in a job culture where people denigrated you or have you been sexually harassed and have kept silent? fearing the loss of your job? and health insurance as a retaliatory backlash?

I left several jobs because of management’s inappropriate behavior.

Let me know if you had a lewd work environment that forced you to seek employment elsewhere and lose your health benefits. This can be done by commenting, liking or sharing on The Diabetes Health Facebook Page The Diabetes Health Facebook Page .

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