AskNadia: How Many Eggs Should People With Diabetes Eat?

Dear Nadia,

I am a type 1 for 18 years. I read that eating one egg with two meals a day lowers your blood sugar. Is this true?

Patty M

Dear Patty:

For years eggs were given a bad rap by many medical experts for being a high-cholesterol food that could only add to the risk of heart disease. This thought was not a result of any evidence-based studies,  showing a correlation between egg consumption and heart disease.

Eggs are protein-rich, have “good” cholesterol and no significant carbohydrates. That means that they don’t increase blood sugars while helping satisfy hunger.

Dr. Walter Willett, Nutrition Department chairman at the Harvard School of Public Health says “It probably doesn’t make a huge difference for most people whether they eat eggs with or without the yolks. However, there is a caveat for people with diabetes. We have seen in repeated studies that higher egg consumption does increase risk of heart disease so we suggest that people with diabetes keep egg consumption and cholesterol intake low. Whether there are some other groups that might be more sensitive is still not clear.”

Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study reports, heart disease goes up for people with diabetes who consume more than 3 yokes a week, suggesting daily consumption of egg whites should be fine.

Based on the research, it appears-no more than 3 yokes a week.  If you have a healthy partner without diabetes, studies show one egg a day not to exceed 7 for the week has no significant consequences to non-diabetics.  Any more than 7 a week can impact their cardiovascular risk later in life.


The Nutrition Source 


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