Association for Patient Experience Releases Peer-Reviewed Journal

The Association for Patient Experience, a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization, has released the first issue of its new peer-reviewed journal, the Journal of Patient Experience.

The journal will cover a wide array of topics, including communication skills training, patient and provider engagement, quality and patient safety, service excellence and technology. It will be published quarterly both in print and online and is supported by an eight-member editorial board.

The first issue includes a pediatric doctor’s account of her painful experiences in the ER during the last three hours of her daughter’s life, a deeper look at relationship-centered healthcare communication that offers tips to improve it, developing deeper empathy during end-of-life care and a selection of studies addressing patient experience.

“We started by making sure we put patients at the forefront,” said the journal’s editor, Adrienne Boissy, MD, MA.  “We also placed patient pieces at the beginning and end to highlight that they are paramount.”

The Association for Patient Experience is sponsored by Cleveland Clinic and is focused on improving the healthcare experience for patients and providers while advocating on behalf of patients and families, working to develop and share creative solutions to common patient experience issues and improving healthcare delivery through innovative change.

The first issue of the new journal is available at the Association for Patient Experience website to all viewers; future issues will be available to members only.

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