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AskNadia: The History of the Implantable Insulin Pump

Dear Jeff,

 I have had diabetes for 28 years and wore two different insulin pumps for a total of 8 years. I quit the insulin pump because of scarring issues that lead to insulin effectiveness issues. Now after many years,

Diabetes Health in the News Podcast: Artificial Pancreas Systems Could Lower Hypoglycemia

Researchers from the University of Virginia recently found that the use of portable and wireless artificial pancreas systems could reduce hypoglycemia. When used continuously at home, these systems both reduced hypoglycemia and increased the time patients were in …

AskNadia: Should I get A Therapy Dog Because My Great Niece’s Fluctuating Blood Sugars?

My great niece was diagnosed three years ago with diabetes she is now 13.  She gives herself seven shots a day.  Her sugar fluctuates so much that my niece seriously wants to get her a therapy dog.  The problem is