Diabetes Health Type 1: Rediscovering Nature Walks with My Camera

By Claire Lynch

Daniel Gimple was having a dry mouth and wasn’t sure what was causing it. After work one-day last year, he stopped at an Urgent Care center and discovered some very high blood sugar levels. An ambulance was called. Daniel was hospitalized for five days.


He didn’t know his complete medical history because he was adopted. After being told that his A1C was 14. 5, he decided right then to do something about it.


Since that day, he learned all he can about Type 2 diabetes. “I’m a sponge,” Daniel, 34, says. “I want to understand all I can about this.”


“My doctor started me on Metformin. I lost 75 pounds, lowered my A1C to 6, and am sticking to my diet, taking 500 mg once daily of my medication works for me.”


Daniel, who works as an engineer/defense contractor, says that he exercises regularly to stay fit.


“My day job is sedentary. I make it a point to work out four to six times a week at the gym,” Daniel explains. “Each session is 1-1.5 hours, consisting of 30 minutes of cardio, 30-45 minutes of weight lifting, and 15 more vigorous cardio to complete my long sessions.


“Typically, I like to start my days by going to the gym at 5 a.m. It sets a positive tone for the rest of the day. I take my diabetes seriously by incorporating exercise into each day. Watching what I eat helps me maintain good blood sugar levels.”


Daniel, who is engaged to be married, adds that he is surrounded by rustic, natural beauty. He lives on an island in Rhode Island. “Walking the trails is a good workout. With my camera, I take seascapes of the Atlantic Ocean and nature photos.


“As an amateur photographer, I enjoy taking pictures. Playing video games is relaxing, too. It’s a nice stress releaser after working all day.”


About his Type 2? “As an engineer I am meticulous about my food intake. Watching numbers is my game. This isn’t a temporary diet I’m on. t’s a new way of life.”

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