Low Glycemic Bread From Alvarado Street Bakery

Many people with diabetes have had to eliminate traditional flour breads and refined starches from their diets because of the way they spike blood sugar. “Diabetic Lifestyles Bread” from Alvarado Street Bakery is a nutritious alternative to traditional flour breads and causes a much slower rise in blood sugar.

Diabetic Lifestyles Bread is made entirely with organic sprouted whole wheat and sweetened only with organic fruit. All of our sprouted wheat breads are certified organic and kosher. This delicious recipe contains no refined sugars, no added oil, and no flour: it is actually flourless!

Most bakers get up in the morning, open up a bag of flour, and make a loaf of bread. At Alvarado Street Bakery, our process is quite different. We take whole, organic wheat berries and soak them in filtered water until they sprout. Once they have begun growing, the excess water is drained off and we grind the living sprouts into dough. What comes out of the grinder is not a dry powder, but a wet, mushy dough that becomes the basis for all of our recipes. We add a little fresh yeast, some sea salt, and a few other ingredients, and there you have it: the ultimate whole grain bread!

Our Diabetic Lifestyle Bread recipe was submitted for testing to the Glycemic Research Institute in Washington, DC. The results showed a glycemic index of 5.0 on the glucose scale (0-100) and a glycemic load of 0.9 per serving. People with diabetes actually experienced a reduction in blood glucose by the end of the testing period. We were so surprised by the results, as was the testing facility, that we had the bread tested twice!

Founded in 1979, Alvarado Street Bakery is the nation’s oldest and largest cooperatively owned organic bakery. We have been sprouting grains for over 30 years! Alvarado Street Bakery produces an assortment of breads, bagels, buns, tortillas, and pizza breads, all made with organic sprouted grains. Our solar-powered bakery is located in Petaluma, California, in Sonoma County. Our products can be found in grocery stores and natural food stores throughout the US, Canada, and Japan. We encourage you to ask your doctor if Diabetic Lifestyles Bread is right for your diet. We’re confident that you’ll enjoy this unique bread as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

For more information, please visit us online at www.alvaradostreetbakery.com.

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