Diabetes Health Type 1 & Type 2: Are You in?

If you frequent my site, then health is on the top of your list. Like me, you could be looking for inspiration or tips on how to manage your blood sugars, lose weight, fit exercise in or reach your A1c target.

Every year I ask myself, how can I become the person I want to be? Are my goals realistic? Achievable? Which road should I take? What can I do differently to reach a small milestone to stay inspired?

I don’t believe in failure. Why? Because it is a process in which I am learning more about myself. How else would I know my weaknesses unless I experience the challenge of having them?

I wrote a book “Sugar Happy” where much of the narrative focused on the contrast of my Type 1 former husband and Type 2 mother, brother, and aunt.

My former Type 1 husband has had diabetes for 44 years with no complications. One Type 1 women once said to me, “we hate people like him.” Yes, he made managing diabetes look easy. It doesn’t mean he did not struggle or have to set blood sugar goals for himself. Some days were easier than others. His strength? He never gave up on himself.

Interestingly enough, a few months back, he came over with his partner, a type 2 and spent the night at my house. We talked about his diabetes. I was surprised that he credited me for never getting upset about his high blood sugars readings. He reminded me, “you always said, don’t worry, it will come down.” It always did. So, I was confident when I said it. For him, my simple statement encouraged him not to feel bad about his blood sugar reading; supporting him in not giving up. For me, I knew he was an expert. He diligently managed his diabetes regardless of his blood sugar reading. He either needed to take more insulin or treat his low blood sugar. He did make it look easy.

My Type 2 family never made it beyond 13 years with diabetes. Their passing, my loss, has made me more in tune with human frailty. I understood their health battles. Unless you associate change with being happy and not giving up something that makes you happy, old habits are hard to change. It is a state of mind.

Mark Twain sums it up when he says:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did do.”

He echoed my mother’s sentiment. Later in her life, she wished she had made lifestyle changes earlier in her diabetes diagnosis.

In the last few years, I have had a few physical injuries that have prevented me from exercising, allowing my weight to slowly creep up, making my focus for 2019 to get my weight down and exercise more. I purchased a body and a food scale. Publically, I am throwing my hat in the ring, making myself accountable to you.

My question for you? Would you like to join me with your personal goal?

About the Author:

Nadia and her former partner, started a diabetes mail order supply business in San Francisco in 1990. For six years, healthcare professionals sent their patients to her to train them on specific medical devices. As the business grew, they became the Northern California distributor for an insulin pump company. Nadia not only trained healthcare professionals on how to use an insulin pump, she created a network of pumpers that include physicians, health plans, patients an trainers.

In the first six month of her new business, Nadia quickly realized, that people with diabetes needed more information and launched the radio show “Diabetes on the Dial.” Shortly after airing, people called in to requested transcript copies of the show. This birthed the magazine Diabetes Interview. In 2004 the magazine changed their name to Diabetes Health.

“As a former diabetes supply store owner who trained patients and healthcare professionals on medical devices, I have learned a lot. As a radio, podcast and TV host, I learned even more.” says Nadia.

You can also read AskNadia, her weekly column on diabeteshealth.com where she provides a unique perspective to diabetes questions.

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