Diabetes Health Recognized as One of The Top 10 Magazines in The World to Follow in 2018- WOW!!

Diabetes like everything else in life is personal. How we seek our information and which medium best suits us is a subjective process.

When you think of the 30 .3 million people that have diabetes, niche publishers like myself and my esteemed colleagues cannot possibly reach everyone. Thankfully, we all exists with the intention of creating positive change in our communities.

I applaud all the other diabetes magazines who like myself are committed to helping people with diabetes achieve their best possible outcomes.

Feedspot Blog Reader, thank you for recognizing Diabetes Health magazine as one of the top 10 magazines in the world to follow in 2018- WOW!!.

Publisher Nadia Al-Samarrie,

AskNadia Columnist &

Sugar Happy Book Author

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