AskNadia: What’s Your Take on Victoza®?

Hi Nadia:

What do you think about Victoza® What positives or negatives come to mind?



 Hi Lucy:

If you are having difficulties reaching your healthcare professional’s recommended blood sugar range, your doctor may prescribe a GLP-1 as a strategy to help you achieve better blood sugar control.

Victoza® works by increasing pancreatic insulin production while decreasing the release of glucagon. 

One of the significant points that Novo Nordisk makes in its discussion of Victoza® is that it is a non-insulin therapy for type 2 diabetes. This description appeals to many type 2s who think taking insulin is a sign of failure. They may also feel taking a non-insulin medication delays the need to inject insulin. 

Most people do not like needles. The fact that Victoza® requires a daily injection can be off-putting. There are alternative GLP-1s, Trulicity, and Bydureon are injected once a week.

One of the side effects of Victoza® and other GLP-1 agonists is loss of weight and a drop in blood sugar. Initially, weight loss among users was not cited as a main feature of Victoza®. But it didn’t take long for reports to come in from prescribing physicians and their type 2 patients that GLP-1 medications were producing often substantial weight loss. So GLP-1 manufacturers and physicians now could safely prescribe a GLP-1 to help with blood sugar control and aid weight loss. Novo Nordisk introduced another GLP-1, Saxenda®, with the same chemical composition as Victoza®, but prescribed in much higher doses specifically for weight loss. 

If you would like to learn more about medications, check out our Diabetes Type 2 Medication Chart.



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