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Study debunks link between low vitamin D and type 2

While previous research has linked low levels of vitamin D to the onset of type 2 diabetes, new research finds no evidence that high levels of vitamin D prevent the disease.

British researchers went looking for genetic proof of the connection, and found that even when there were variants of the genes that control levels of vitamin D in the blood, there was no connection between those variants and the development of type 2.

“Our findings suggest that interventions to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by increasing concentrations of vitamin D are not currently justified. Observational studies that show a strong and consistent higher risk of type 2 diabetes with lower levels of vitamin D may do so because they have thus far not been able to adequately control for distorting or confounding factors, such as physical activity levels,” said study author Dr. Nita Forouhi, of the University of Cambridge’s School of Clinical Medicine.

The results were published Sept. 30 in The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology.

Previous studies have suggested that there could be a link between low levels of vitamin D and the onset of type 2 diabetes after tests showed that those with higher levels of the vitamin the body produces through exposure to the sun were less likely to develop the disease.

The studies were compelling enough that the National Institutes of Health is currently investing millions on research to determine if vitamin D and diabetes are

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