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Ask Nadia Column Returns to Diabetes Health.

With diabetes affecting nearly 400 million people worldwide, it is with great excitement that the column Ask Nadia is returning to Diabetes Health Magazine. If you have questions about diabetes, Ask Nadia is the perfect forum to pose your questions and get in-depth answers and up-to-date information about all types of diabetes.

Nadia Al-Samarrie, Editor-in-Chief of Diabetes Health, is uniquely qualified to address all questions and concerns about diabetes. Nadia brings more than 25 years experience as a caregiver, managing Type 1, Type 2 and pre-diabetes related issues in her own family, as well as the knowledge she acquired through her devoted and passionate tenure as the publisher of the prominent Diabetes Health Magazine. Nadia’s monthly column returns to Diabetes Health magazine, newsletters and online at in mid-March 2015.

While not a column for medical advice, Ask Nadia is for questions about products and all the psychological and social aspects related to living with diabetes, either as a caregiver or with a diagnosis. Diabetes is a condition that must be dealt with on a daily basis. It is not a disease that you can forget about. Diabetes affects attitudes, feelings and the way the brain works.

The world is full of people with uninformed judgments about diabetes. If you prefer a sounding board for your concerns and comments, a safe place where you can find compassionate consideration for your questions, Ask Nadia. She is the voice of reason, compassion and consideration for all things related to diabetes. Start your conversation by emailing [email protected].






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