Living with Type 2 Diabetes: Fenugreek for diabetes?


In a quest to control my diabetes through herbs and exercise, I stumbled across an herb called Fenugreek. Around for centuries, fenugreek has been used for spices in culinary dishes, lowering blood cholesterol, increasing breast milk production, and to lower blood sugar.

It is fenugreek’s ability to lower blood sugar that sparked my interest in the herb and a half empty bottle sets alongside a bottle of cinnamon, flaxseed, and chromium in my cabinet. I’m a big believer in the healing power of herbs and am experimenting with fenugreek to see if I can benefit from its chemical compounds. The way I see it is that if the Egyptians and people of past centuries could benefit from fenugreek, then so can I.

The verdict is still out on this herb as I’m currently using it along with several other diabetes fighting herbs and am unable to judge how effective it is on its own. In the coming weeks I will scale back my use of herbs to just fenugreek in order to determine the right dosage required to manage my diabetes.

Either way, I’m confident that fenugreek will find a permanent place in my home because in addition to all of the above reported benefits, fenugreek is also said to be effective in increasing testosterone and libido levels; which is always an added bonus.

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