The Reason to Believe (r2b) Diabetes Diplomat program

You might think that it is too late to do anything for Diabetes Awareness Month. Heck, it’s late November, so it’s too late, right? Nope, wrong. You see, diabetes didn’t just go away during the last month. Diabetes is funny that way-it just does not care. Well, we care. We’re the Diabetes Research Institute, and we want to end diabetes forever.

The DRI has Reason to Believe (r2b) there will be a cure. Hear from the researchers themselves by clicking HERE. They have Reason to Believe, and so should you. We have created our r2b Diabetes Diplomats Program to help you join the effort. You can weigh in now and get started, and by springtime you will have made a difference.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, here are some examples of what people are doing all around the country and even in other countries, like Peru and Canada.

The Jarcho family from Connecticut created two school site programs during which school children attended an assembly and heard from kids with diabetes about what it is like to live with it every day.

A candy store called Deborah Ann’s is holding a sweepstakes, but also educating people that candy is not completely off limits to people with diabetes and can, in fact, be a needed item in case of hypoglycemia. What a fabulous teachable moment!

LPGA Golfer Kelly Kuehne went to her sponsor, Clemmy’s Ice Cream. For every unit of ice cream sold in the state of Florida, Clemmy’s will donate 50 cents, up to a donation of $10,000-so go buy Clemmy’s.

Pro bowler Ryan Shafer is holding an event at a local bowling alley that is running for four weeks. He will also be holding a competitive tournament in the spring, all designed to raise funds for research.

Kelly Hartman is holding a Christmas concert in Pennsylvania to benefit the DRI. The Littlefield family is holding three different events in their community and on their college campus. The Su Nombrega Family ran an incredible educational and fund-raising event in a school in Lima, Peru.

Jonny Greenwald does not have diabetes but his sister, Lexi, does. Jonny created his own fund-raising page and is reaching out to friends, relatives, and online connections for donations because he has Reason to Believe in a cure for his sister.

People all over the country are getting involved. See the videos explaining why Reason to Believe is so important, and visit to learn more. Click the “Create Your Own Event” button to see how to get started, or email me at [email protected] and ask me how to get started.

This past month has been hugely successful, with sponsors like Diabetes Health Magazine, Animas, LifeScan, and Children with Diabetes helping this incredible initiative. It has been so rewarding hearing from people all around the country. Diabetes is not going to go away until we cure it. Do not feel that you cannot make a difference. Five dollars or fifty thousand, it all helps us advance research. Get involved today. It will help your Reason to Believe. I’m a Diabetes Dad.




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