Diabetes Health in The News Podcast: Sleep Habits Affect Insulin Sensitivity in Adolescents

Sleeping is supposed to refresh your mind and rejuvenate your body, but did you know that the way that you sleep might impact your insulin sensitivity?

A study recently published in The Journal of Pediatrics explored the effect of sleep patterns on insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese adolescents. Participants kept a sleep diary and used an actigraphy monitor to help determine sleep quality, duration, and timing for one week during the school year. Researchers wanted to see how these students slept when they didn’t have unlimited sleeping time and had to be up at a certain time for school.

The students who stayed up later on the weeknights and slept in later on the weekends had significantly worse insulin sensitivity than students who got more sleep during the week. With that said, the exact relationship between the circadian rhythm and insulin sensitivity remains to be seen. Article

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