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Why not? Just test them for harmful diseases. I don’t see any problem letting an death row inmate do this as long as it’s entirely up to the inmate. It’s already a tragedy to lose another life due to a crime. Let something good come from it.

Inmates should be allowed this last compassionate, voluntary, act of giving life to someone in need. I would accept this gift for me or my family. Medical screening for any communicable disease should be done, of course, as in any donor case.

Yes, I would accept a healthy organ or beta cells from a prisoner. And if my organs were used to save a prisoner’s life, fine with me.

Inmates should be allowed to donate organs. However, there needs to be a system to ensure that an inmate’s right to continue fighting his case is not terminated early in order to get his valuable organs. I know it sounds crazy, but there is a worldwide shortage of organs available for transplantation, and the organ trade is big business. Nicholas Bequelin, a researcher for Human Rights Watch, estimated that 90 percent of organs from China are from deceased prisoners who signed agreements before execution.

Of course they should be allowed to donate their organs, as long as they want to. An organ that is good should be used.

I live in Oregon, near where the bodies of Christian Longo’s wife and beautiful children were found dead. Now he wants to donate his organs? This idea is a bunch of garbage.  I certainly wouldn’t want his organs in my body, no matter how close to dying I was, or those of any other convicted felon, for that matter.

As a recipient of two donated kidneys for which I am very grateful, I commend the prisoners for wanting to donate their organs. They could be very bitter and heartless, but they’re not. May God bless them for thinking of others and valuing the most precious thing on earth, which is human life.

I believe that even bad people can do good in their lives, or deaths. As long as they are medically cleared for donation, I say let them go for it.

Why not let them post their medical info in a data base for possible matches before death?
There is a dire need for healthy organs. This should be an easy YES!

I definitely believe inmates should be allowed to donate their organs if they want to. However, there should be controls to prevent the sale of the organs by inmates and to prevent inmates from being forced to donate.

Tax payers spend millions of dollars keeping prisoners in good health. Why should they not be able to recoup some of the benefits and allow prisoners to give back to society?

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