Can Guar Gum help Type 2s?

A study of 15 Type 2 diabetic patients who controlled their diabetes through diet, were given 15 grams of guar gum per day over a 48 week period. The results of the study indicate that guar gum improved long-term glycemic control, postprandial (after meals) glucose tolerance, and lipid concentrations (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, October, 1993).

Guar gum is a natural, water-soluble fiber found in fruit, vegetables, beans, grains and legumes. It is frequently used in this country as a food additive, to enhance the thickness and consistency of foods. Until recently, guar gum was restricted by the FDA as a nutritional supplement, although it is now available in powder form at some health food stores. Perhaps the best source of guar gum, however, is a diet high in natural fiber.

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