Outsmarting Diabetes: When There’s Only Yourself to Lean On

As a type 1 diabetic for 13 years, I truly understand having a person to lean on is something none of us should take for granted. The constant struggles and obstacles that a person with diabetes has to face every day can be exhausting, sometimes causing depression or a host of other psychological strains.
Therefore, anyone who is a constant figure in your life, whether it be parents, friends or spouse, who gives you added diabetic support daily, should be treasured. Whether it means bringing an extra set of glucose tablets with them to give to you if your blood glucose levels drop or giving you a simple reminder to check your blood glucose, these people make a valuable difference in your health and deserve to be thanked (often).
Some of us, however, don’t have this special person and are faced with the hardships of diabetes alone. For these people, I am extremely sorry for you having to fight this disease by yourself, but the good news is, you will be forced to become more prepared, causing you to be in even better control of your diabetes. Here are some ways to stay on top of your diabetes care with or without that person you can lean on.
Stay Pro-Active – Check your blood glucose levels constantly and correct with insulin if your numbers are off. This is a basic critical rule for proper diabetic care. High blood glucose levels hurt your health and affect your mood; therefore, you need to stay proactive in controlling them. There are no days off when you have diabetes.
Pay Attention – Your body has a voice but you have to listen to it. If you feel off or are having trouble focusing, then you need to address the problem immediately. Don’t wait, no matter what you are doing, stop and check your blood glucose levels and find out what’s going on.
Be Prepared – No matter what you are doing or where you are going, stay prepared for diabetes. Have supplies on you or nearby in case of an emergency. Diabetic issues tend to strike at random and inconvenient times; therefore, being prepared gives you peace of mind.
Respect Diabetes – Everyone needs to understand the dangers diabetes poses to your body. Everything from heart disease, circulation problems, and vision impairment are just to name a few. Respect diabetes and the negatives it brings to your body.
So, the next time you see that special person, be sure to let them know just how special they are to you and that you truly appreciate them for all of their efforts. However, for all of you out there who are fighting diabetes alone, stay strong and diligent because your hard work will be rewarded with better health. Never give up and never quit fighting.

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