Insulin Injection Port Reaches U.S. Market

Medtronic, Inc. has introduced the i-port Advance®, an FDA-cleared injection port device for people with diabetes, to the U.S. market.

About the size of a quarter, the injection port attaches to the skin like a bandage and allows users to receive insulin injections repeatedly in the same spot for up to three days.

The port’s advantage to users is that it does not require repeated direct, and often painful, needle injections of insulin beneath the skin. Instead, users only have to puncture their skin once every three days when they attach a new port device.

The device collects insulin that a user injects into it, then distributes it through the already existing under-the-skin puncture created by its attachment.

Medtronic says i-port Advance is useful to a variety of patients:

• Besides people on insulin therapy, non-diabetic users who rely on injection therapy can also use it

• The product is suitable for both adults and children

• Both insulin pens and syringes can be used with it

Each of the devices comes with a disposable insertion aid that Medtronic says provides nearly pain-free application.

People with diabetes interested in learning more about the product can contact Medtronic’s customer center at 800-646-4633 or go online to

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