Diabetes Health in The News: Rapid Kidney Function Loss Connected with Specific Biomarkers

A link between specific biomarkers and rapid kidney function loss in people with type 2 diabetes has been discovered by researchers at the University of Western Australia. By examining these biomarkers, it may be possible to predict when kidney loss is likely to occur. The study examined how protein signature changes may indicate when changes in kidney function is coming. Physicians would be able to use these biomarkers to better predict when rapid kidney loss could occur. The study examined 345 patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes using mass spectrometry.

This panel of plasma protein markers, referred to as PromarkerD, has been validated as a way of predicting kidney functions in individuals with type 2 diabetes. PromarkerD is not affected by age or the severity of diabetes, so it can be used with a wide number of patients.

These findings were presented at the 77th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association on June 11, 2017.

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