Living With Type 1 Diabetes: How Our Loved Ones Really Feel

With years of type 1 diabetes under my belt, 22 to be exact, I wanted to know how my husband felt about my health issues. This is especially important to me now that we’ve spent the last few years with my downward health spiral because of undiagnosed celiac disease. I know he’s supportive. He tries to make sure I’m happy and healthy though sometimes it is beyond our control. Here are my questions and his answers:

Do you ever feel helpless with my health issues?
No. We’re not helpless beings. You are not helpless. We figured out your gluten issue mainly on our own. We can figure things out together.

How hard were the last few years for you with all the weird celiac symptoms on top of my diabetes and no real answers from my medical team?

Without them knowing what it was, with you going to the doctor and not knowing what was wrong–it was crap. It’s frustrating to go to the doctor and not have them know anything, not to have them test everything. It was sad seeing you feel so bad for so long.

When it comes to my diabetes, what was the scariest moment for you?
I was scared most when you were in the hospital because of the flu, almost 16 years ago. You weren’t taking care of your blood sugars the correct sick-day way, and you ended up so high. You were in Intensive Care, and the hospital kept making mistakes, even disconnecting your insulin drip. Then you ended up with an infection and ended up back in the hospital. It was all scary. But then you learned how to take care of sick-day blood sugars, and now it doesn’t worry me so much.

Do you fear the future?
No. It’s pointless. The future is the future, and it is inevitable.

How do you feel about those diabetes ads or newscasts where they get everything wrong? Example: Cinnamon cure, anyone?
They are just stupid, and it doesn’t bother me as much as it bothers you. It’s just people being uneducated and misunderstanding diabetes.

One of my biggest fears is losing my health insurance. What would you do if I lost my health insurance plan?
Run away. Just kidding! (Laughs) We would just have to deal with it as best we could.

What would you do if I needed help with my diabetes?
Refer to my last answer. Hahaha, no, of course, I would help you.

Do you think there will ever be a cure for diabetes?
Yes, I’m hopeful. (Loud sigh) I just watch the world spend billions of dollars on senseless causes and almost nothing on diabetes research and cancer research and the things that kill people. That really upsets me.

What would you fear most about my diabetes?
I’d have to say the collapse of civilization. Being unable to help you without the medical community would be my biggest fear.

How do you feel about unwelcome food comments from the diabetes police?
Food shaming? That’s awful. People are so quick to critique others. People need to mind their own business.

Thank you. I love your honesty.

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