Bayer’s New Blood Glucose Meter Now Available

Bayer ‘s new blood glucose meter, the Contour® Next Link, which works with Medtronic’s diabetes management system, is now available in the United States.

The new meter’s test strips provide readings that are close to professional for increased dosing confidence as the wireless technology makes bolus calculations easy and helps eliminate inaccuracies due to manual entry.

The Contour Link provides continuous glucose monitoring calibration. In addition, the meter automatically sets the correct code each time a test strip is inserted, has large numbers that are easy to read, as well as a five-second countdown, and requires only a small blood sample.

New Medtronic customers ordering a pump will automatically also receive the Contour Next Link. As of January, 2013, Medtronic will contact existing customers and provide them with new meters over a period of time. The new Bayer meter is also compatible with the Guardian REAL-Time continuous glucose monitoring system.

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