AACE Says Diabetes Is Second Most Searched-for Condition

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists has released a list of the most frequently searched-for endocrine medical conditions on its patient education website at www.empoweryourhealth.org.

Not surprisingly, despite the fact that many people do not understand that diabetes is an endocrine system problem, diabetes ranks as the second most sought after topic on the site. The only condition to rank ahead of it is thyroid, which AACE says receives almost twice as many queries as diabetes.

The top 10 conditions visitors search for are:

1. Thyroid

2. Diabetes

3. Women’s endocrine health

4. Parathyroid disorders

5. Low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism)

6. Men’s endocrine health

7. Adrenal glands

8. Nutrition

9. The pituitary glands

10. Obesity

The AACE ranking for diabetes searches is very close to Google’s ranking for 2013, which lists diabetes as the third most-searched medical symptom.

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