11th Q&A With Dr. Richard Bernstein

Why is your goal for A1c so much lower than the ADA’s 7% and AACE’s (American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists) 6.5%?

An A1c of 7% is an average blood sugar of 180 mg/dl, which is more than double normal. You’re not going to be a  long-term healthy survivor with a long-term A1c of 7%.

An A1c of 6.5%  corresponds to about 160 mg/dl. Again, this is absurd. It is double normal. I should also point out the ADA concocted a table for what average blood sugars correspond to what A1c levels. In this study, they used what I found to be one of the lowest reading blood sugar meters, one that also has a high variability. The study was funded by the manufacturer of the meter. This is why currently published blood sugars are lower than the A1c values would accurately suggest. 

Richard K. Bernstein, MD is one of the most knowledgeable, committed and successful pioneers in the field of diabetes today.  He invented blood sugar self-monitoring  and basal/bolus insulin dosing, when he was an engineer.

Dr. B is Director Emeritus of the Peripheral vascular Disease Clinic of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. His private medical Practice in Mamaroneck N. Y. specializes in treating diabetes and obesity.

He is a physician, research scientist, thriving Type 1 for  67 years, and best-selling author of nine  diabetes books including Diabetes  Solution , The Diabetes Diet and several E-books. This link diabetes-book.com will give you more information about his publications. To  sign up for his free monthly teleseminars, visit askdrbernstein.net.

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