The Diabetic Athlete

In addition to being an assistant professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia and DIABETES HEALTH’s exercise advisor, Sheri Colberg, PhD, can add “author” to her list of credentials.

Colberg, a diabetic athlete with a PhD in exercise physiology, has penned “The Diabetic Athlete,” a book that gives athletes and dedicated fitness enthusiasts practical tips to manage type 1 or 2 diabetes while training and competing for performance.

Endorsed by Edward Horton, MD, of Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, “The Diabetic Athlete” is a 272-page book that draws from the expertise of hundreds of diabetic athletes who share their experiences with sports and fitness training. Colberg analyzes their experiences and provides practical advice on blood sugar balance, nutrition and exercise to help the reader pursue a normal, vigorously active life.

“‘The Diabetic Athlete’ underscores the fact that exercise is critical to the person with diabetes,” says Al Lewis, PhD, board of director’s chairman of the International Diabetic Athletes Association. “The book is designed for the active person with diabetes and the health care provider.”

The first part of “The Diabetic Athlete” provides a basic understanding of the diabetic athlete’s response to exercise and sports. The second part provides suggestions for and examples of how to prepare for and respond to exercise-induced changes in blood glucose. In addition, it also covers the following critical information:

  • blood sugar response to activity
  • insulin and oral medications
  • nutritional substances
  • insulin options for NPH and lente, ultralente and pump users

Available through Human Kinetics publishing company, “The Diabetic Athlete” is also available at all local bookstores. It costs $17.95 and $26.95 in Canada.

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