Implantable Pumps And Exercise

Researchers at Lapeyronie Hospital in Montpellier, France have studied the 7 cases of complications, out of 40 patients treated there with programmable implantable insulin pumps. Based on their study, they recommend that exercise should be limited to moderate exertion, and vigorous activity should be avoided to prevent an increases in the risk of pump-pocket complication.

Implantable insulin pumps are surgically placed within a “pocket” in the lower quadrant of the abdomen, and although problems with this pump pocket were common in the pilot study, they are fairly rare in the more recent studies. Although many factors such as age, sex, HbA1c levels, the presence of diabetes complications, depth of implantation, and many others were compared, the only factor that was consistent and significant risk factor present in all 7 cases was regular intensive exercise (>2000 kcals per week). This article originally appeared in the September, 1994 issue of Diabetes Care.

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