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Diabetes Health Type 1:Growing Pains – Aging with Multiple Autoimmune Issues

By Meagan Esler

I’m trying to stay cool and age “gracefully” as they say, though, my body is rebelling and I’m freaking out. I turned 41 this summer and I’m hearing more and more bone creaking, feeling my joints ache, and seeing those occasional gray hairs posing as platinum blond in my light blond hair.  I sure am thankful for that blond camouflage each time I see one of those hairs.


Recently, I had to carry some donated furniture into the shop I manage while walking backwards.  I had to go backwards up some steps with a table at one point and I swear I felt pain in my backside for 3 days.  The volunteer that was helping me told me the next day that her shoulder hurt and I quietly confided in her that I had hurt my butt.  She laughed her head off and teased me about that.  I couldn’t help but laugh about the ridiculousness of it myself.  I mean, who hurts their backside?  I thought life was hard with Type 1 diabetes.  Throw in thyroid issues and celiac disease and I’m overwhelmed.  Despite using my treadmill pretty religiously, my body hurts in weird places after the silliest activities.  Just the other day I blurted out to my husband “I will do anything to feel better, anything”!


So do you know what I did?  I read everything I could about Bone Broth Protein Powder and ran to the health food store to get a couple of tubs.  My mom and aunt swear by bone broth and I’m clinging to hope that it will ease some of the aforementioned joint pain and bone creaking.  I don’t consider myself a complete fool.  I wouldn’t buy snake oil or cinnamon-laced cake to cure my diabetes, but then, I’ve had more than two decades to adjust to the countless promises the diabetes world encounters. I just hope that the bone broth protein powder isn’t like pouring my hard-earned money down the drain along with a scary tasting smoothie.  Who am I kidding?  I’m sure I’ll drink it regardless of how it tastes because, hey, at least it is low in carbs!


I never gave much thought to aging before pain entered the equation.  Now I find myself watching the vitamin guy on the Home Shopping Network in the middle of the night.  I know one thing that won’t come in supplement form and that is stress management.  Everything I see that references healthy aging mentions avoiding stress.  Someone should tell my day job.  I joke, but it is true – there is always going to be stress both in the working world and in the diabetes, thyroid, and celiac world.  I just need to learn to manage it better. If you have a good method for reducing stress, please let me know.


People always say that I look a lot younger than I am.  If you live with autoimmune issues though, aging gracefully isn’t just about looks.  It’s about staying healthy and living without constant pain.  Looking young doesn’t mean anything if you feel like you are 95 years-old.  So, I’m going to try some vitamin supplements and bone broth protein powder and see if things improve.  I’m also going to make sure I move my backside more often.  


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