Diabetes Health in The News: New Insulin Admelog Given Tentative Approval by the FDA

The FDA has given Sanofi tentative approval for its human insulin analog called Admelog. This fast-acting insulin lispro injection will, if given final approval, be an option for those of all ages who have diabetes. The medication’s tentative approval came after the submitted application successfully showed its clinical and chemical similarities to the Eli Lilly insulin medication Humalog.

Sanofi submitted an application that included all required data. However, the company must resolve outstanding patient issues before Admelog can be released. The medication has been available in Europe following its approval in July by the European Commission. There, it is marketed as Insulin lispro Sanofi.

The approval gave Sanofi stock a small gain of one percent and resulted in a two percent drop in competitor Eli Lilly.


These findings were published in Seeking Alpha on September 1, 2017.


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