Diabetes Health Magazine Wants your Opinion

If you are among the readers who commented on this article (“Why Care Under the Affordable Care Act Will Be Unaffordable”), thank you very much for your response. The politics of healthcare can be a volatile issue. As the publisher and editor-in-chief of Diabetes Health, I don’t always agree with my writers, but I believe that it’s my duty to show the full spectrum of thought. Exposing a particular point of view does not mean that we are compromising our values. Instead, I see it as offering valuable information as to how we are different. Please remember as you read our articles that publishing an opinion does not equate to endorsing that opinion. Diabetes Health is well respected for offering all contributors an opportunity to discuss their perspective, even at the cost of frustrating our readers at times.

I would like to personally invite you to become one of the voices of Diabetes Health by contributing articles or videos about issues that are close to your heart.  Our writers are not famous, but they are our everyday heroes and heroines. If you’d like Diabetes Health to let our readers know about your point of view, please send your submission to [email protected].

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