Can Lispro Help Type 2s?

Results of a study published in October’s Diabetes Care show that treating after-meal high blood sugar with lispro insulin can have multiple benefits for some type 2s taking sulfonylureas.

Study authors, Mark N. Feinglos, MD, CM, Connie H. Thacker, BA, CCRA, et al., found that type 2s poorly controlled on maximum doses of sulfonylureas alone had significantly lower after-meal glucose concentrations when taking insulin lispro before eating. After-meal high blood sugar may be associated with a greater risk of cardiovascular complications. Although the subjects experienced some weight gain when taking lispro, overall glucose control was greatly improved.

Lispro therapy was also shown to improve the HDL/total cholesterol ratio by lowering total cholesterol and raising HDL levels. The HDL/cholesterol ratio is a key predictor of one’s risk of cardiovascular disease.

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