Camp 1inspires Me to be Awesome!

Hey Campers, Staff and Alumni –

Does Diabetes Camp Inspire You?

This summer, over 30,000 young peoples’ lives will be inspired at diabetes camp. Have you ever been one of them?

By sharing the story of how diabetes camp helped make you the person you are today, you’ll help us raise awareness and make camp possible for others.

The Diabetes Education and Camping Association is asking campers, staff and alumni to share why diabetes camp inspires them. Our goal? To raise awareness and camp scholarships by creating a video collage of inspirational messages, choosing a few and creating a special video campaign.

• So if you love camp, upload a short (less than a minute) video today, expressing how “Camp 1nspires you”

• Share your uploaded video on social media to increase awareness and participation – post on Facebook, Tweet – get your friends to make a video, too

• Buy a Camp 1nspires t-shirt at the Camp 1nspires online store where a portion of proceeds goes to the campaign

• Encourage contributions at (no pressure)

A camp that has the most participants in the Camp 1nspires campaign and gets the most collective social media views, will receive a professionally shot marketing video.

It’s important to get this key message out. Diabetes camps and other educational programs inspire people with diabetes to achieve anything. As Riley from ‘Camp Until a Cure’ puts it, “Camp inspires me to be strong.”

Camping programs, like those offered by DECA member camps, teach participants about good diabetes management and give them confidence. It changes kids (or anyone affected by diabetes) from feeling isolated and alone to being on top of the world.

Camp 1nspires is sponsored by the Diabetes Education and Camping Association,, an association of over 300 diverse diabetes camping programs. For information, visit us or email [email protected].

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