AskNadia: I Stopped Giving My Daughter Insulin and Was Reported to Children Services

Dear Nadia,


My 10yr old daughter is a type 1 diabetic who was diagnosed at 2. This year she has suffered from severe hypoglycemic episodes to the point where I have stopped giving her insulin. The first time this happened in April, I begged the doctors to check everything…to see if there was some kind of hormonal imbalance that could be causing this. They in turn accused me of purposely making my daughter sick and reported me to the state for child abuse.

Now here I am again and my daughter is back to having more low blood levels. Before it was just at night, not it’s ALLL day. Today her sugar hasn’t been over 50 yet. She’s eating protein bars, apples, carbs, juice….and it’s still dropping.

I’m at a lost because the Dr.’s are convinced medically there’s nothing wrong with my daughter but now coming across this article and another one about a defunct gene I’m convinced this is what my daughter is experiencing. Is there any more information for treatment?


 Dear Temika,

As a parent, my heart goes out to you. You obviously are scared for your daughter and experimenting with a therapy that could be life threatening. At the same time, it appears that you feel that if you don’t take matter’s in your own hands, that this might be life threatening for your daughter as well. What a scary place to be.

I imagine that you are experiencing sleepless nights with the concern that your daughter my go into a coma from a hypoglycemia episode. The days must be followed by a sleep deprived hangover while you hover over your daughter to insure that her blood sugars do not drop to a critical level.

If your daughter is not achieving normal blood sugars with her current care, I would recommend seeing a specialist. Look for a local Endocrinologist and Certified Diabetes Educator. These key healthcare professionals will make your life easier. They might recommend a continuous monitoring system and an insulin pump. If these medical devices are out of reach, you might want to consider the Diabetes Sentry for night time hypoglycemia.

Another great organization that works with families’ and children’s hospitals is MyCareCoonect.Com.  John and Pam Henry the founders, are parents of a daughters with type 1 diabetes. Like you, they were concerned about their daughter’s diabetes and developed what is known as a BlueLoop system that integrates blood sugar readings, communications with parents, physicians and school nurses.

I conducted a video interview with John Henry at the American Association of Diabetes Educators this weekend in San Diego and spoke to him about your predicament. He asked me to have you reach out to him at [email protected].


Their programs are free to 75% of the people that participate. Otherwise you can expect a nominal monthly rate $8.00 and under. No one is turned away from being helped for lack of resources.

His phone number is (302) 468-7543. John and Pam Henry work with many schools, healthcare organizations and I believe they can help you find the right medical team and support group for your family.

Hypoglycemia Unawareness

Dr. Richard Bernstein, one of our medical advisory physicians has this to say about hypoglycemia unawareness.

“There are two possible causes or likely causes for hypoglycemic unawareness. One is autonomic neuropathy, which maintaining normal blood sugars for a long period of time can reverse.

The other is frequent hypoglycemic episodes. Whenever you’re hypoglycemic, hopefully, you’re making epinephrine which is one of the mediators that raises blood sugar and also gives you the hypoglycemic tremors, and dry mouth, and so on”.

You can ask Dr.Bernstein for his opinion directly on his free Teleseminar Webcast on Wednesday August 31st, 2016, at 7PM CST, 8PM EST, 6PM MST, 5PM PST. Simply register here because space will be limited.


Dr. Richard Bernstein


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