Your Plate Can Help You Lose Weight

Dishware is destiny, according to new research just published in theArchives of Internal Medicine. There exists a plate that has justbeen scientifically proven to cause weight loss. And it's a mightycute little piece of pottery to boot.

Hand-painted around theperiphery with sections for modest portions of carbohydrates,proteins, cheese, and sauces, it reserves the middle of itself forvegetables.

When properly loaded up, the man's plate holds a totalof 800 calories and the woman's plate a total of 650 calories. Notonly that, there's a matching cereal bowl painted on the interiorwith concentric circles; each circle corresponds to 200 calories'worth of various breakfast cereals.

The study, led by Dr. Sue Peterson and her Canadian colleagues,examined 122 people with type 2 diabetes. The researchers gave thespecial dishware to half the subjects; the other half receiveddietary assessment and teaching by dietitians, but no new tableware.

By the end of the six-month study, the people who used the specialplates had lost an average of 1.8 percent of their body weight,while the controls lost essentially nothing. Even better, 16.9percent of the plate people lost at least five percent of their bodyweight (even though most of them were on insulin), compared to only4.6 percent of the control group. And 26.2 percent were able todecrease their use of diabetes medications, compared to only 10.8percent of the control group.

In short, the simple use of crockery proved to be as effective aweight loss tool as intervention with weight loss drugs. That's onepowerful plate.

(Go to if you'd like one of your own.)

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