Yin and Yang: Balancing Insulin and Glucagon

  • Insulin lowers elevated blood sugars. Glucagon raises low blood sugars.
  • Insulin shifts the metabolism into storage mode. Glucagon shifts it into the burning mode.
  • Insulin converts glucose and proteins into fat. Glucagon converts proteins and fat into glucose.
  • Insulin converts dietary fat into storage and glucagon converts dietary fat into ketones for energy.
  • Insulin removes fat from blood and transports it into fat cells in the blood to tissues. Glucagon releases fat from fat cells for energy.
  • Insulin increases the body’s production of cholesterol. Glucagon decreases it.
  • Insulin stimulates the use of glucose for energy. Glucagon stimulates the use of fat for energy.
  • Insulin makes the kidneys retain water and glucagon makes them release excess fluid.
  • Insulin stimulates the growth of arterial smooth muscle and glucagon stimulates regression.

Source: adapted from”Protein Power.”

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