Wound Care Company Signs Sponsorship Agreement With ADA

Epic Wound Care, a subsidiary of New York-based United EcoEnergy Corp., has signed a three-year sponsorship agreement with the American Diabetes Association in support of the ADA’s “Mission to Stop Diabetes®” campaign.

In exchange for Epic Wound Care’s support, the ADA has granted the company status as a “National Strategic Sponsor,” the highest level of recognition it offers its corporate partners. Throughout the term of the agreement, Epic will be able to use the ADA name and such logos as “Proud Sponsor” and “National Strategic Partner” in its marketing materials and on its products.

Permission to use logos and the ADA name does not constitute endorsement of Epic’s products, says the association. Instead, it is extended as recognition of the company’s support. Epic will also participate in ADA fundraising events and receive ad space in the association’s Diabetes Forecast magazine.

Epic manufactures a homeostatic gauze product designed to stop bleeding from serious wounds. Used by dentists, the military, emergency rooms, and trauma centers, the gauze has also proven to be useful in the treatment of diabetic ulcers.

The gauze, when applied to a bleeding wound, immediately forms a gel-like substance upon contact with blood. The gel expands and causes direct pressure on blood vessels, controlling bleeding until coagulation takes place. Once bleeding has been stanched, a simple water rinse reduces the product to saline.

Epic’s master distributor, Coreva Health Science, LLC, markets and distributes the gauze under the brand names ActCel Gauze, ActJel Gauze, HemoStyp(TM), and ABC (Advanced Bleeding Control) Gauze(TM).

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