Women’s Sex Survey Results Are In

We’ve gotten the results from our women's sex survey, and now the word is out about you, your diabetes, and sex…

To start with, you are very open about diabetes with your partners. 90 percent of you told your partner straight away about your diabetes, and 80 percent like your partner to share in your diabetes care. 85 percent of you have partners that don’t mind your diabetes, although, sadly, 15 percent have been rejected by a partner because of diabetes and 14 percent of your current partners do have a problem with your diabetes. 54 percent of you have had a partner blame your mood on low blood sugar.

73 percent of you do not lower your insulin before sex, and 70 percent say that your blood sugar does not stay low for an extended period after sex. 39 percent, however, have had a hypoglycemic episode during sex.

Fifty percent of you have difficulty relaxing your self-scrutiny during sex, but only 19 percent say that plain awkwardness due to diabetes is more distracting than any physical changes. 56 percent take no special steps before sex due to diabetes, although 57 percent of you feel that sex is harder because of diabetes, and 24 percent of you say that sex is just too difficult because of diabetes.

About 20 percent of you who wear a pump say it’s interfered with sex and gotten tangled up during sex, but 27 percent of you detach your pump before sex.

34 percent of you have frequent yeast infections, and 20 percent have frequent urinary tract infections.  41 percent of you have vaginal dryness and use a lubricant, and it’s water-based 58 percent of the time. About 20 percent of you have tried Viagra, and it’s helped about half of the women who have tried it.

27 percent of you have noticed numbness in the clitoral area that you attribute to neuropathy. Regarding the Eros-CDT, which is an appliance for increasing blood flow to the clitoris, 33 percent would ask your doctor about it, but 27 percent would not use it no matter what. 27 percent of you do use a vibrator during sex with your partner. 

Finally, it’s apparently worse to be old than to be diabetic: 39 percent of you have found menopause to be a bigger issue than diabetes when it comes to sex. And 80 percent of you want more articles about how to deal with diabetes-caused sexual problems.  So now we know. We’re going to be running more articles about sex and diabetes, so keep your eyes open for them.

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