Winning the Battle of the Bulge

Eating yogurt in place of other foods can bea boon to weight loss, conclude Tennesseeresearchers who designed a study to comparepotential antiobesity benefits from increaseddietary calcium compared to other calciumsources.

Obese participants were given either 400 to500 mg daily of a calcium supplement (controlgroup) or 1,100 mg daily of dietary calciumcontained in yogurt for 12 weeks. The yogurtreplaced an equal number of calories removedfrom the daily diet. The subjects in both studygroups were placed on a daily diet decreasedby 500 calories to promote weight loss. Bodyweight, body fat and fat distribution, bloodpressure and circulating lipids were measuredat baseline and after 12 weeks of intervention.

Fat loss was significantly increased on theyogurt diet when compared to the controlgroup (9.7 pounds versus 6.1 pounds,respectively). Central body fat loss wasaugmented by 81 percent on the yogurt diet,resulting in a significant reduction in waistcircumference.

—International Journal of Obesity, April 2005

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