Will a Computer Guide Your Next Office Visit?

Hunterdon Medical Center of Flemington, New Jersey, selected a new software program to run its diabetes care center. They chose CliniPro by NuMedics.

According to Carolyn Swithers, BSN, CDE, Hunterdon’s director of health education, “Less time on paperwork means more time with patients.”

Charting, tracking and monthly reporting was previously all done by hand. Swithers anticipates enhanced job satisfaction for the staff, as well as benefits and improved care for the 600 patients with diabetes that Hunterdon sees annually.

CliniPro helps care providers record and analyze data, and track outcomes to demonstrate compliance with recognized standards of care. It also helps them to plan, monitor and evaluate diabetes education programs.

CliniPro, as well as all other NuMedics software applications, operates in a Microsoft Windows environment. For more information, contact NuMedics, Inc. at 503-296-1359.

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