Diabetes Health Type 1: Who Could Love All This?


I sometimes think about the hot mess I am when it comes to my health and I think, “Who could love all this”? I don’t know how my husband manages to do just that. I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 18 years old but he willingly dove into this world of blood sugar craziness when I was 21. He didn’t even flinch. Fast forward 19 years later and I’m still in shock.

I have a hard time opening up to people but somehow I am able to share everything with my husband. I tell him my thoughts and fears and he helps me through it. He never says he’s not in the mood. He never seems judgy. He just reassures me and builds me up when I need it, and I need it a lot.

We aren’t only dealing with Type 1 diabetes (which as you all know, is enough). We are also dealing with thyroid problems and celiac disease. I have to eat gluten free and because of that, he decided to also. A work friend of his found out he is eating gluten free and he explained that it isn’t completely because he wants to. He told him that his wife has to eat gluten free because otherwise her hair falls out, she becomes malnourished, her skin bleeds and she can’t breathe through her nose. I’m pretty sure his friend was horrified. Even writing it, I am kind of horrified. It is a lot to swallow, but those are the cards I was dealt in life and because he sees me for more than my illnesses, he is there for me.

Thankfully I feel pretty strong on most days. I know the reason I am so strong stems from my support system. Can’t eat gluten and need to watch carbs? Hubby will make his fabulous ricotta cheese mixture and an Italian Bolognese sauce and stuff zucchini boats instead of pasta. He thinks of ways to keep me happy, comforted, and content and just moves forward without pitying where we are. He helps me have a sunny outlook that otherwise would probably be quite bleak.

So back to my question “Who could love all this”? I am grateful to have someone that doesn’t look at me and think “hot mess”. He doesn’t allow us to dwell on “Why me” or “What if”. He just makes a heck of a Long Island Iced Tea when handed lemons in life.


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