Where Do You Test Your Blood Sugar or Take Your Injections?

Where Do You Test Your Blood Sugar or Take Your Injections?
I realize that everyone has their own comfort level with caring for their diabetes in public. Some people are adamant that they take their shots and test their blood sugar in private. Others insist that they do it wherever and whenever they need to. I used to be the first way, hiding my shots and blood sugar testing from everyone, but that was a long time ago.
I made peace with having diabetes, and nowadays I take my shot wherever I need to. Just recently, my husband and I were attending a hockey game (go Blackhawks!), and I took my shot while standing in front of the counter while we ordered something to eat. I was quick and discreet, not touching anything at the counter, just slipping the needle into my hip as I waited in line next to my husband as he ordered. I was off to the side a little bit. I needed to take it before we got our food. Our seats were too close to other people, and I couldn’t bear the thought of taking my insulin in a restroom, so I took it right then and there. I think the lady taking our order noticed. It’s possible the people behind us in line did too, and they actually moved to another line. Perhaps they were offended, perhaps they were just looking for a shorter line, either way, it is part of my life with diabetes and I’m not ashamed. No one said a word, but even if they had, it is a part of me, and I shouldn’t have to hide.
My workplace is another area where I have to inject regularly. Every day at lunchtime, I inject right at my desk. One time, a volunteer saw me and said loudly “Are you shooting up”? She knew I had diabetes, but I think the sight of the needle shocked her. She smiled and gave me a look of reassurance as I explained that I need insulin when I need it. I think people forget that I have to use it every day to stay alive. If you hang out with me for a few hours in a day, you are going to see some diabetes going on. There is going to be a blood sugar test or injection, and I expect you to accept it if you want to keep hanging out.
I know how lucky I am that my husband is very supportive of me taking my insulin and testing my blood sugar in public. He feels it is unhealthy to hide it, and I agree. Of course, there are times that it feels awkward to have to take a shot. I think the counter at the hockey game was maybe the most awkward place I’ve injected, but it was a tiny moment in time, and I don’t regret it.
I thought about getting an insulin pump, which does make administering insulin more discreet, but I haven’t decided to go for it yet. Maybe I will someday. Until then, I am happy with where I am in life. I am almost 21 years into life with Type 1 diabetes, and I am able to focus on having fun and living life, not stressing about where to inject. I hope you are too.

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