When Is an Insulin Pump Right for My Child?

Six things to consider if you are thinking of putting your diabetic child on an insulin pump:

  1. Can you count carbohydrates?
  2. Are you willing to respond to blood sugar swings throughout the day? This all sounds easy, but look at your child’s schedule. Is he or she at school and not with you 24 hours per day?
  3. Do you have support when your child is away from you? Some parents use cell phones to stay in contact, and it has worked well.
  4. Will your child’s school assist you and your child with the boluses and blood-sugar testing that need to be taken during the day?
  5. Is your child willing to wear a pump? Most children can be coaxed into wearing a pump with the colors and cases. After all, it looks like a beeper and that’s very cool.
  6. Are you willing to go slowly and let your child get used to the idea of wearing a pump?

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