What’s New?

As David Mendosa points out in his feature article this month, ‘The Year of the Meter,’ 2006 is barely more than half over and we have already an abundance of new blood glucose meters. Well, it’s not only meters that are in abundance this year, but other diabetes drugs, devices and technologies as well. So much so, that there haven’t been enough pages in Diabetes Health to cover all of the new products.

So what do we do?

How about a feature article devoted to what’s new.


Oral Meds

Drug Called Safe for the Management of Pain From Diabetic Nerve Damage

GlaxoSmithKline Announces Approval and Availability of Avandaryl

Merck Announces FDA Acceptance of NDA for Januvia

Retinopathy Drug in the Works


Ascensia Breeze Meter Called Arthritis-Friendly

A Blood Glucose/Blood Pressure Monitor All in One

Roche Diagnostics Improves Its ACCU-CHEK Compact System

New Technology ‘Vaporizes’ Blockages in the Arteries

New Meter Measures Impact of Food Choices on BGs

Real-Time Pump and CGMS Technology Given the Go-Ahead by the FDA

Vial Keeps Insulin in Order


FDA Approves Inhaled Insulin

Apidra Now on Pharmacy Shelves

Eli Lilly Throws New Insulin Into the ‘Mix’

Long-Acting Levemir Now Available


Pre-Cooked Pasta Made With Whole Oats and Wheat

Emeril’s Line of Stocks Puts the ‘BAM’ in Your Food Preparations

New Sweetener Contains No Preservatives or Artificial Flavors

New Flatbreads Rich in Omega-3 Fats

Soy-Free Protein Supplement Now Available

Walden Farms Offers a Variety of Healthy Food Choices

Cumberland Re-Launches Sweet’N Low Syrups

New Food Line Is Sugar Alcohol-Free

Keychain Keeps Carb Information Close at Hand

Book Contains All the Nutrient Information You Need

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