What’s New? Food for You: Sweetners, Bars and Other New Treats

Imagine this. You enter a grocery store and on the directory directly above “Diapers” is “Diabetes”. This aisle contains every food made for people with diabetes. And thankfully, a number of choices exist in this land of sugar-free sweets, sweeteners and snacks.

DIABETES HEALTH shops around, exploring just the tip of the iceberg of available products, from pre-made frozen entrees to sugar-free candy.

Cozy Cottage Sugar Free Maple Flavored Syrup by Maple Grove Farms of Vermont

Maple Grove, begun in 1915, is the oldest and largest maple syrup company in the United States. Steve Jones, director of marketing says, “As the experts in maple syrup, we feel we have developed a sugar-free version as close as possible to the sugar version. You can enjoy rich maple taste and not have to use pure maple syrup. Cozy Cottage is sweetened with NutraSweet. We spent over four years developing the syrup and when the FDA approved NutraSweet as a sweetener in syrups, we were the first to put it on the market. People who grew up with diabetes and chose to switch to sugar-free think this product is great.”

For more information call (800) 525-2540.

Eskimo Pie, by the Eskimo Pie Corporation

Eskimo Pie was the first frozen novelty available to people with diabetes. The Eskimo Pie No Sugar Added product line, launched in 1988, was the first sweetened with NutraSweet. The line includes ice cream bars made with reduced fat vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate, ice cream sandwiches, and vanilla ice cream cones with peanuts.

For more information call (804) 560-8487.

NiteBite Timed-release glucose bar by Medical Foods, Inc.

NiteBite glucose bars are designed to stabilize BGs for six hours or more. The bars consist of three sources of glucose – sucrose, protein and uncooked corn starch – that enter the bloodstream consecutively over several hours. One bar equals one carbohydrate exchange and 1/2 a fat exchange and is approximately 100 calories. Flavors are chocolate fudge and peanut butter. For more information about NiteBite call (800) 795-1880

Stevia Sugar Substitute available from Cheryl’s Herbs

Stevia, a little known sweetener, is all natural, calorie-free, and has no bitter aftertaste. The white, crystalline powder is extracted from a South American plant.

Stevia is 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and one teaspoon has the sweetening power of one cup of sugar. Two volumes of recipe books for cooking with Stevia, filled with pie, cookie and bread ideas is available from Nicole J. Walker, 1341 67th St., Downers Grove, IL 60516.

For more information call (800) 231-5971 or e-mail: pawgep@aol.com.

Colette’s Muffins by Colette Dinneen

Colette, a culinary school graduate, discovered a need for sugar-free muffins and started her own business at the age of 21.

While she bakes, delivers and sells wholesale only in Oregon, you can order her dry mix and add your own fruit. Sugar-free and sugar and/or oil-free bran muffin mix are available.

For more information call (503) 977-3770.

Sweet ‘N Low Sugar Free Candies by Simply Lite

Simply Lite makes hard, soft, and chocolatey candies that have reduced calories, fat and are sugar-free. They are sweetened primarily with Isomalt but Maltitol, Acesulfame K sweeteners are used as well. Simply Lite introduced a new line of sugar-free, and reduced fat chocolatey candies. They are made with Benefat, a cholesterol-free fat replacement that has 45 percent less fat and calories than real fat.

For more information contact the Simply Lite web site: www.sweetnlowcandy.com.

Fruitfull frozen fruit bars from Happy and Healthy Products, Inc.

Looking for dessert? These Fruitfull fruit bars come in 16 flavors. The eight juice-based flavors are chock full of chunks of real fruit, including raspberry, pineapple, tropical splash and fuzzy navel to name a few. The cream-based bars flavors include strawberry cream, and peaches and cream. Chocolate and cappuccino are yogurt-based bars.

Fruitfull bars are available in several grocery store chains across the country. The ADA has reviewed and approved the exchanges printed on each wrapper.

For information call (561) 367-0739 or e mail: happy@fruitfull.com, or visit the web site at www.fruitfull.com.

Crystal Light, Jell-O Pudding and Jell-O Gelatin by Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods has a line of sugar-free foods made with NutraSweet. These products include Crystal Light low-calorie soft drink mix, Jell-O brand gelatin, and Jell-O pudding.

For more information call (800) 323-5316.

Balance Bars by BioFoods

Balance Bars were developed with BG stabilization in mind. Nutritionist Phil LeClair explains that the product’s concept was originated by a group of biochemists. The bars are 40 percent carbohydrate, 30 percent protein and 30 percent dietary fat.

Balance bars can help to stabilize blood sugar for long periods of time. The carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat are combined in proportions that let carbohydrates enter into the system slowly and prevent a rapid rise in BGs. Balance Bars are a time-release food, providing both long and short-term energy. For type 2 patients, Balance Bars induce a smaller insulin response and there is less of a glucose spike than with other snacks.

The many flavors include toasted crunch, chocolate, honey peanut and mocha. For more information call (800) 678-4246.

Choice dm Nutrition Bar by Mead Johnson Nutritionals

Mead Johnson Nutritionals’ Choice dm Nutrition Bar is a convenient, nutritionally complete food supplement for people with diabetes. The bars contain 24 essential vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants and fiber. They also contain a special starch that helps control blood glucose. Choice dm Nutrition Bars flavors are Peanutty Chocolate and Fudge Brownie.

For more information call (800) 247-7893.

Estee by The Hain Food Group, Inc.

Estee, available nationwide in grocery chains and from mail-order distributors, has made sugar-free, fructose-sweetened foods and snacks for over 45 years. Estee is on the forefront of medically-directed, sugar-free and fructose-sweetened foods and food products formulated for the needs of the millions of people with diabetes and who are on sugar-restricted diets.

Estee, the first brand to offer people on sugar restricted diets food, snacks, candies and chocolates, has over 90 products including: sweeteners, candies, chocolates, cake mixes, cookies, rice cakes and fruit spreads.

Estee sponsors the ADA and its packaging is ADA reviewed and exchange verified. For more information call (800) 34-ESTEE.

Gluc-O-Bar by Apic USA, Inc.

Formulated to release glucose for up to nine hours, Gluc-O-Bars reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. The bars contain corn starch which can maintain BGs for up to six hours instead of disappearing quickly like most carbohydrates.

Gluc-O-Bars are available in chocolate, strawberry-banana and peanut butter.

For more information call (888) GOOD-4-ME.

DiabetiSweet sugar substitute from Health Care Products

DiabetiSweet, a sugar substitute, can be used as an everyday sugar replacement and for cooking and baking because its sweetening agents don’t break down in high heat. DiabetiSweet is fructose, dextrose, maltodextrin, saccharine and sodium-free. It’s sweetness is derived from three different natural sweeteners. Health Care Products, a division of Hi-Tech Pharmacal, concentrates almost exclusively on products needed by people with diabetes.

For more information call (800) 899-3116, or visit the web site at www.diabeticproducts.com.

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