What the Readers Think About Using Embryonic Stem Cells

Diabetes Health asked some of its readers to weigh in on the issue of using embryonic stem cells for diabetes research. Here is a sampling of what some people had to say:

I feel strongly that embryonic stem cells should be used to help advance cures, not only for diabetes but for other chronic diseases. Controls should be set up so that fetuses would not be aborted simply for the use of stem cells. However, if a woman is having an abortion anyway, why not get some good out of a difficult situation by using the embryonic stem cells for research? If a woman would not want the stem cells used for such a reason, she could simply sign a form stating her preference.

Beth Kelley, type 1
Newport News, Virginia

As much as I would love to be cured, I have a problem with using embryonic stem cells. Unfortunately there are people in this world who are only driven by profit. I think if there were a market created for embryonic cells, then some people would try to fill that market.

I believe we as a people have already cheapened human life too much already and this would just further this idea that life is cheap.

Steve Griffin, type 2
Gaithersburg, Maryland

I would doubt you could find anyone in the diabetes community opposed to embryonic stem-cell research. I am whole-heartedly for rapid advancement in this field. The endless possibilities for cures of several diseases, aside from just diabetes, should prove more than beneficial to merit expansive research funding and attention. This is a revolutionary breakthrough to curing so many diseases.

The adult stem cells are limited in their potential capacity to form into any cell, as embryonic stem cells can. Why waste dollars funding research into a source that is limited in its potential, rather than achieving faster results from a source that is prolific with possibilities? If they could work around the pro-lifers’ issues, the real ethical issue is why they would not want to advance a medical breakthrough.

Kevin Kolkhorst, type 1
Glen Cove, New York

I am strongly opposed to embryonic stem-cell research. I cannot justify the death of someone else to extend my life.

Terry Sullivan, type 2
Bear, Delaware

I support using embryos for stem-cell research. I see no ethical dilemma in it. In fact, not using embryos is both a waste of the embryo and a short-sighted, ignorant position to take.

Using an embryo is akin to its being an organ donor. The benefits clearly outweigh the fears, ignorance and extremists’ positions.

I would rather see cures developed for the diseases that affect the living using all the resources available to us.

Paul Leone, friend to a type 1
Raleigh, North Carolina

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