What I Eat When I’m On the Road

I have two teenagers! If you’re a parent of a teenager, you know why I used the exclamation point. Everything is changing fast in their world, and I try to keep up.

‘I’m Starving!’

I hear this a lot. We have been taking more road trips lately, and it is always a challenge finding good food to eat. My kids don’t eat the same lower-carb diet that I subscribe to. It keeps my blood glucose (and my weight) down, and I have far fewer hypos, which is a very good thing.

‘Lets Eat!’

I always try to have some lower-carb snacks handy, but it’s impossible to always have the food I need with me. When the kids are “starving” and want to eat, we could end up at almost any eatery. So many times, I have searched every aisle of the gas station convenience store, looking for something that I can eat. Most every shelf is packed only with carbs.

What to Eat at Delis

Delis are pretty easy. I can’t have a sandwich, but I can get a side of tuna salad, some sliced turkey or chicken and some pickles.

At Burger Joints

I can’t eat the buns, fries or milk shakes, but every place I have stopped at has been willing to sell me a burger without the bun. I ask for all the garnishes they have, and most will put the burger in a lettuce wrap. In-N-Out Burger does the best job I’ve seen yet. Get the double-bacon cheeseburger without the bun—it’s wonderful.

At Gas Stations/Convenience Stores

Of course, my kids can find hundreds of high-carb goodies they love at these places, but I have to search for the turkey or beef jerky, cheese or cottage cheese and nuts. Sometimes I’ll sprinkle a bag of peanuts over a tub of cottage cheese for a great crunchy, healthy snack.

At Restaurants

Restaurants are the easiest for me. I go for a big tuna or chicken salad and ask for it without the croutons. With any entré, I always ask for the starch to be replaced with vegetables whenever possible.

Even when we’re on the road and we eat different things, we still love eating together as a family.

Scott King
Type 1, 32 years (and counting)

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