What Happened to “The Canal Murder”?

Several readers have askedwhat happened to our serialized novel, “The CanalMurder” by Eve Geisler,of which seven chaptersappeared in recent issues ofDiabetes Health.

In a recent poll of ourreadership, we found thattoo few of you were readingthe monthly installmentsto justify continuing it;there were about twoyears’ worth of chaptersremaining.

The novel is in the processof being published, and wewill let you know when it isavailable.

A message from Eve Geisler, the author of “The Canal Murder”

I am at the stage where the manuscript is with the typesetter. I will besent a copy of the manuscript to nitpick after this stage is done. Believeme, I will tell you when the book is ready for sale. At some point, if youput your head out the door, you will hear a female voice screaming aboutwhere to get the book. You will know then that I’m standing on my rooftelling everyone this valuable information.

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