What Do You Know About Depression and Diabetes? Join With Us to Write the Story

Here at Diabetes Health, we're planning to write a primer ondepression and diabetes. We want to delve into how the twointertwine, how depression impacts diabetes self-care, when to see aprofessional or consider drug therapy, how to talk about depression,and whether depression affects spouses of people with diabetes.

But before we start, we are coming to you, the patient experts who knowthe story from the inside out.

We're hoping that you will use the comments feature below to give usyour insights into the complexities of depression and diabetes. Ofcourse, you may make your comments completely anonymously, or, ifyou'd prefer, you may write us directly via our 'Contact Us' page. No matter how you choose to contribute, we need to hear your stories before we write our story.

So please, share your experiences and help us write an articlethat's the real deal. Thanks.

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