Weekly Diabetes TV Show Coming to Life

On March 20, 2005, dLife, the first-evernationally televised diabetes program, goeslive on CNBC. Anyone with cable television willhave access to the show every Sunday night.

The dLife network will also have Web,radio, direct mail and community outreachcomponents.

Diabetes Health recently spoke with dLifefounder and CEO, Howard Steinberg.

How did the idea for dLife get started?

I”ve been in marketing for 25 years and havelived with type 1 diabetes for 36 years. I’vebeen training for this my entire adult life.

We have TV shows for virtually everyaudience possible. It just didn’t make sensenot to have one for diabetes and the millionswho need it. So, it just grew from there.

What is the goal of a diabetes TV show?

The goal is simply to bring a bigger voiceto diabetes in the daily habit stream ofAmericans, and to empower people totake control of their diabetes. You needinformation, motivation and sense ofcommunity to do that. And you need itregularly.

What will dLife’s content be like?

It will be lifestyle-oriented, with lots of greatchat, celebrities, food, cooking and exercise.We will focus on practical tips and advicefor living day to day, culled from the bestexperts and sources worldwide. All servedup in a very positive, practical and highlyprofessional way.

How can you make a TV show aboutdiabetes interesting?

First, what you don’t do is make it a medicalshow. You let the audience join in a widecommunity. You have friendly, likeable talentwith diabetes, talking about and living withthe condition. You have real stories thatwork well on TV. And you have continuity, sothat people want to watch week after weekto see what’s new, what they can learn, whothey will meet, what’s going to happen next.

How will content differ among the variousdLife media (television, Internet, radio,direct mail)?

TV is the sight, sound and motion medium.TV is easy to access and easy to engage with.

The Web site will offer depth you don’t haveon TV or anywhere else, and it is wherepeople will come for everything diabetes—and I mean everything!

Direct mail will reach people on their owntime and in their own homes and will getthe attention of people who may not becurrently engaged with other dLife media.It also delivers something physical into theirhands.

And finally radio. Radio is always on. It’sthere to complement the other media andengage people with dLife while they aredoing other things, like driving.

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